Benefits Of Having A Back-Office Facility During COVID-19 Outbreak


The global tech sector and the economy is facing constant challenges due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has exhibited its tremendous impact on the Chinese population and it has instantly spread to the varied parts of the world. Along with human lives, countless organizations are also facing a severe threat that would hinder their day-to-day operations.

Data is regarded as the backbone of an organization and thereon, it should be managed with extreme concern and security.

Well, and to overcome such sudden or unexpected natural or man-made disasters, having a back-office set-up can be an efficient solution for all the organizations. But, probably, because of the lack of budget or infrastructure facilities, there are firms that face difficulty in maintaining a back-office.

As we are deeply aware of the COVID-19 outbreak, we must also analyze the other side of the story. Coronavirus spread has largely affected the smoother functioning of millions of world-based organizations, thereby, resulting in the generation of a poor economy.


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Effect of Coronavirus on the Global Business


  • Employees, showing the COVID-19 symptoms are restricted from traveling to workplace
  • Absence of employees from the workplace results in low productivity and revenue growth
  • Lack of continuous monitoring of the required ongoing projects, and other aspects
  • Some are even facing the complete shutdown of their business, especially in the virus affected zones

As we discussed, in such circumstances, having a back-office facility is the most reliable way out to take your business ahead.


Here’s a brief at how will the back-office facility boost your business performance during the global Coronavirus outbreak.


  • Having a back-up office at multiple locations during the Coronavirus outbreak will ensure the consistent business workflow, for both the short and long term.
  • The efficient team at the back-up offices will maintain the work quality with the same wavelength, as followed in the main branch office.
  • Securing the data is the prime concern for an organization. We are noticing that a majority of the firms are being affected by the virus spread, especially in areas (countries) wherein the outbreak is immense. In such a case, a back-office set up will undertake the responsibility of storing your business data and securing them to maintain confidentiality.
  • Another significance of having a back-office location is to maintain or increase the incoming revenue. If your organization does not possess a back-office, this can affect your revenue generation process as your main branch might have to temporarily close down because of the Coronavirus spread.


How will our firm take the necessary precautions to deal with A Disaster Outbreak?


  • Our employees and customers/clients are the backbone of our business functioning. Their health is our foremost concern.
  • We will execute the constant monitoring of the cyber activities. We will ensure the monitoring of the latest security threats which might emerge from time-to-time.
  • In such a outbreak, a majority of the companies have to focus on generating more infrastructure. We allot work-from-office for the needed employees to save an expense for meeting such a disaster outbreak.
  • We have taken the measures to render the required help to any business, regardless of its nature and size. Working remotely can also enhance business revenue and will also prevent the employees from any hazardous risk.

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A backup strategy is always important for every business to stay ahead of the various business challenges. Allianze BPO International has always ensured to give away a valuable consideration to our esteemed clients.

ABI also operates in three different locations (backup offices) thereby guaranteeing a consistent and hassle-free business functioning, even in such a Coronavirus crisis.



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