Too Much Paper? 5 Easy Ways To Go Almost Paperless


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Paperless offices have become the need of the hour, not to mention that they are quite trending these days. As more organizations decide to go green, they adopt digitization as the first step towards a paperless office. Going paperless is the vital part of new generation businesses. Less paper means less waste and this gives your office a new dimension. Offshore Outsourcing Services follow some of the following ideas to become paperless and save money:

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No paper files for internal purpose

Not to keep any paper files for internal purpose is the most important factor. Instead, you can digitize the information with the help of Scanning and indexing service India. Paper files are not easy to store and you cannot build on and upgrade them. But digital files can be stored easily in the system. You can edit and upgrade them easily without wastage. Digital files can be transferred over the internet to the authorized people which will make the file secured. When digital files are edited or changed, the system keeps a log of which used did the changes. Digitization not only helps in becoming paperless, but also increases the security aspect of information.

Ration printing and photocopies

This is something very harsh but need to follow to cut the usage of paper. It is common for employees to take the print of all documents to keep in their custody, whether required or not. This happens when they have easy access to printers. If there’s only one printer available in the office with limited access, the tendency to print will decrease automatically. The offices can outsource scanning services to digitize the incoming physical documents such as letters and invoices. Other important factor is getting rid of fax in the office. Emails are the best alternative to send files, or else, businesses can use a secured file transfer tool.

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Paperless Meetings

Usual office meetings are linked to too many print outs. This increases wastage also. To reduce it now you have options like video transmission, group sharing, teleconference, screen displays and graph sharing. You can use presentation software which makes things very easy and useful to reduce paper and wastage in office. You can even send the details to the client through email before the meeting.

Scan and Store the incoming papers

Sometimes you may follow all the procedures to cut down the use of papers internally. But the incoming paper documents and letters can still be a problem. You can ask your banks, telecom companies and vendors to email the documents and communications. You must opt for email facilities and online transactions wherever possible. Give clear instructions to all dealers that statements and orders should come only by email. Whatever paper documents are left to be digitized can be converted by outsourcing scanning and indexing services.

Digitization of Payroll and Accounts

Payroll and accounts require more paperwork. The moment you decide to stop using papers for these two aspects, paper will be 50% less in office. There are many facts to be filled and updated in payrolls and accounts. If you can use electronic payroll and accounts, you can eliminate paper to a large extend. You can scan the employee details and store them digitally for future reference. Software gives you easier access to information and eliminates the physical files that are difficult to manage.


Digitization of office and communicating to vendors, banks, telecoms, customers and dealers that you are not interested in paper mails and you should follow the same system with others by emailing and with online dealing will create your office paperless.



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