The Growth of E-Publishing

E-publishing is a buzzword used for the electronic version or digital format of books and journals. The penetration of e-book publishing made a tremendous change in the world of reading. Today, people are very busy and they have no time to visit a showroom and purchase books or journals. With the advent of personal computers and handheld electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, people can read anything online with the access of better internet connectivity.

Digital revolution paved the way for the emergence of E-publishing. E-publishing is cost effective and it is the most viable option to reach out to a large audience across the world. It becomes more prominent among the students. Most of the schools and colleges prefer e-books due to low cost and it is easy to maintain. Other reason for the growth of E-publishing is high publishing cost and scarcity of paper. There is a wide variety of E-publishing content ranging from e-book to e-magazines and e-journals.

E-publishing facilitates readers to dig out more information on topics by using the reference links. It is one of the main advantages of E-publishing over printed books. It helps the readers to understand everything related to the specific topics. Publishers use this technology to know the response of readers to a book by publishing a book online first. If the book is getting more acceptances, they publish the printed versions as per requirement. This is because of the increased cost of publishing.

Plagiarism and violation of copyright is the main threat in the field of E-publishing faced by the authors and publishers. It is easy to make e-books available free without knowing its responsible persons. Sharing of e-books is much easy and it mainly causes the loss of revenue for authors and publishers. To avoid free downloading of e-books, publishers implement customized applications and login based access.

India is a giant in the field of E-publishing. Skilled and experienced human resources and fast turnaround time make India as the leading publishers in the world. Outsource E-publishing services to India to experience high-end professionalism of Indian human resource. The E-publishing sector in India is growing rapidly in the current situation in spite of all challenges.

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